GAC offers a full line of facebows and accessories to meet your specific treatment needs. Standard facebows are available in a wide range of sizes, with or without cuspid hooks and with or without white plastic coating. All have a spring tempered outer bow securely welded to an inner .045' or .051' bow, and the size is clearly marked. Also available are Hamill Safety Facebows that have rounded distal ends to protect against intra and extra oral injury, as well as the Asher Lasher Facebow that is recommended for intrusion and retraction.

Protraction Face Mask

Centrally located to facilitate sleeping, our Protraction Face Mask is designed for high adjustability and patient comfort. Replacement parts are available for heavy wear, and the soft tissue contacts breathe for better patient hygiene.

Neck-strap for safety modules

050-070 Navy

050-0702 Pink

050-0703 Red

050-0704 Violet

050-0706 Royal blue

050-077 Jeans

050-081 Jeans (soft)

Also available in navy

Headcap for safety modules

050-040 Navy

050-041 Royal blue

050-042 Red

050-043 Black

050-044 Purple

051-047 Pink

Safety Modules with clips

050-100 Blue 450 gram

050-101 Blue 600 gram

050-102 Blue 750 gram


050-107 black 600 gram

050-110 neon-pink 600 gram

050-113 Neon-yellow 600 gram

050-116 Neon-green 600 gram

050-119 Violet 600 gram